Photos from the Con Dao Islands in Vietnam, Jan. 2019.

Winston-Salem, NC, Vagrant, Feb 16, 2021

Photos were captured of a reported vagrant Painted Bunting a few blocks from downtown Winston-Salem, NC. No previous sightings of a Painted Bunting had been logged in Forsyth County. The viewing was from the deck of a private homeowner who graciously allowed birders to stakeout the bunting, which favored a tree in the backyard and occasionally visited a feeder.

Sole photo from initial stakeout visit around lunchtime before it flew out. The rest were taken on a return visit in mid-afternoon.

Jan 21, 2020, Backbone Rd, in Polk County, FL, outside Lakeland.

Two likely reintroduced non-migrant Whooping cranes.

(click here for pt. 1)

From Bellavista it was back through Quito to the east and the Napo region, where we would stop off at Guango and San Isidro lodges. Guango was again more bare-bones and suited to day-trippers but had fantastic meals and a great hummingbird gazebo.

One of…

I started birdwatching in February 2018, spurred on by reading about Noah Stryker’s traveling quest to set the world record for bird species seen in a year. After a few months of getting into it, I knew I would eventually have to make a fully bird-related trip. Stryker himself advised…

Austin Bell

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